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Master High-Performance Leadership

Achieve successful changes, high-performance and extraordinary results


Master High-Performance Leadership

This programme is for leaders, specialists, key employees and self-employed professionals who seek effective strategies and tools to achieve high-performance, personal leadership, and successful changes. You will learn how to become the best version of yourself with simple techniques and create extraordinary results.

Master High-Performance Leadership is based around the idea that high-performance starts with achieving a deep self-awareness and finding the strengths in yourself and the culture you are a part of, and based on this develop a strong personal leadership.

The essence is, that before you can lead others, you must be able to lead yourself, and in this programme you will receive the tools needed in order to build a strong personal leadership and create successful changes for yourself and others.

You will gain new skills in communication, mindset and emotional intelligence – and learn the mechanisms that need to be put into action to create lasting change. You'll work with attitude and nudging, and learn powerful techniques to influence yourself and others to take action. You'll get the tools to eliminate paradigms or conflicts that may stand in the way of success. Furthermore, you will work on how to build trust-based relationships and develop high-performance collaborations.

When you are leading yourself and others - think of yourself as the most important resource.

Your mindset makes up 90% of your success. This means that you are your own biggest driving force or barrier to achieving the success you seek!

You will gain an insight into and an understanding of how your mindset affects your performance and success, and you will learn how to create successful changes using simple mindset techniques.

Here is an overview of what you will learn

Lesson 1: Focus and starting point

You gain deep insight into where to start and what is important to focus on in order to create success.

Lesson 2: Goal Setting and High-Performance

You will work with self-awareness, goal setting and planning.

Lesson 3: Attitude and Nudging

You will become aware of the paradigms that stand in the way of your success – and receive the techniques to remove these, so you can bring your strengths into action.

Lesson 4: Mindset and Emotional Intelligence

You will gain new insights into what mindset and emotional intelligence are, and how crucial your mindset is for your success and leadership.

Lesson 5: Strong Personal Leadership and Self-management

You will learn how you bring the emotional intelligence into action so you can high-perform every day, without being overwhelmed, and you will create extraordinary results for yourself and others.

Lesson 6: Proactive Communication

You will gain an insight into how you affect yourself and others through communication and learn how you through communication can influence yourself and others to take action.

Lesson 7: Leadership as a Service

You will receive the tools to build trust-based cooperations and strong relationships, and gain insight into the universal laws of success.

Why should you take the Master High-Performance Leadership

degree programme?

Because you are dedicated to creating extraordinary results and high performance for yourself and others – while bringing your full potential into action in order to make a difference that creates meaning for yourself and others.

It is a programme in leadership with focus on personal development, high-performance and change management. 

Your High-Performance Trainer

Dorthe Risgaard

Cand.merc., Executive & High-Performance Trainer.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a speaker, coach and high-performance trainer.

For me, it's important to teach a concept that makes a huge difference for my clients.

I have developed Master High-Performance Leadership. It's a unique concept based on neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive psychology, sales psychology, verbal and nonverbal communication. 

I have applied the concept with great success, and have:

► Walked the talk with the techniques so I know what works and what doesn't, and 

► Inspired hundreds of clients to practice the methods, which has created great success

  • Dorthe Risgaard

    “I'd highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become the best version of themselves. My day-to-day has become so much easier. Stress symptoms and long workdays are a thing of the past. I now achieve my goals much faster in a shorter time. Instead of feeling drained after work, I'm now full of energy, much to the delight of my family.”

    Solutions Sales Manager, Grundfos

  • Dorthe Risgaard

    “A fantastic course. I would definitely recommend it. What did I get out of it? A strong foundation - not only for my business, but my life."”

    Master Barber, BarberBrothers

  • Dorthe Risgaard

    “In 4 weeks, my revenue increased by 40%, without advertising more than before. All I did was follow Dorthe's advice to change my mindset. You must sign up for the course if you are ready to change your mindset, be ambitious with your goals and dare to go into yourself and challenge your own self-image. It takes both courage and persistence, but it's clearly worth it.”

    CEO, Klinik Bendix

  • Dorthe Risgaard

    “Dorthe made me aware that the responsibility lies within myself. I've been given tools on how to change myself for greater success. If you want to give yourself and your leaders great value and be prepared for your challenges, then I can definitely recommend Dorthe.”


  • Dorthe Risgaard

    “Dorthe's course has given me a fantastic energy and inner peace in sales and networking situations. With simple tools and awareness of what signals I radiate with my body language, I have become more at ease, and now get my message through clearly.”

    CEO, Læge og PhD.

  • Dorthe Risgaard

    “The course has given me focus and direction in my business. After the course, I have personally achieved more peace and balance – and in my business, I now have a full calendar where I have to prioritize the tasks I take in. Fantastic!”

    Musiker & Foredragsholder

  • Dorthe Risgaard

    “One of the best things about the programme is the good atmosphere and the open and trusting space. There is not a goal that is too big, on the contrary, Dorthe helped me see that it was only myself and my own self-image that set the limit for how big my goal could become. You will gain the knowledge and tools to achieve what you are passionate about. Great recommendation from here.”


  • Dorthe Risgaard

    “I have been given effective techniques and tools to lift my energy and change my attitude. I have received feedback and inspiration on how I can improve my business, communication and sales. Dorthe is a really skilled coach and has a good eye for where exactly you need to take action to improve your business. I am very satisfied and can definitely recommend the course to others”

    CEO, Spis Dig Frisk


With the Master High-Performance Leaderchip programme ...

- you have a complete toolbox with which you can create extraordinary results for yourself and others.

Master High-Performance Leadership is a unique leadership programme

The training is practically oriented and takes place in an interaction between teaching, reflection, exercises and feedback. In this way, you will build up the new skills throughout the programme and can use your new techniques for good practice in your everyday life.

  • Course duration: 7 weeks
  • 7 intensive teaching days, 9.00 - 16.00
  • 7 online Q&A in Mastermind groups, 8.00 - 9.00.
  • 1 individual coaching session, where you get personal coaching based on a self-selected challenge 
  • You will be part of a Mastermind group
  • Teaching takes place in Viborg and online

Start-up date: 15/01 2024

  • Lesson. Every Monday on the following days: 15/01, 22/01, 29/01, 5/02, 19/02, 26/02, 4/03.
  • Online Q&A: Every Thursday on the following days: 18/01, 25/01, 1/02, 8/02, 22/02, 29/02, 7/03.
  • Individual coaching session by appointment
  • Location: Sct. Mathias Gade 40, 2. th, 8800 Viborg

Price: DKK 30.000,- ex VAT

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Dorthe Risgaard

Speaker, Executive Coach and High-Performance trainer



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